help-desk software? Is it better than a downloadable help-desk software?

What is hosted help-desk software?

Quite contrary to the downloadable helpdesk software version, hosted help-desk software need not be downloaded, installed and run. If you are not a tech-savvy it is better to have a hosted help-desk instead of the downloadable version. The software runs on the developer company’s servers and it is the developers who monitor the software and fix bugs.

How does hosted help-desk software work?

A client will take a name and logs in to the hosted help-desk software. He submits trouble tickets which are handled by the technicians afterwards. The web server and the entire database are maintained by the developer company.

Which is better a download version of help-desk or a hosted version of help desk software?

In the downloadable version of help-desk software, you need to do everything: download, install and run. It no doubt has met with success. But should you have issues with your servers, it might just be that you can as well try the hosted help-desk service. But make sure the company has problem free servers and provides 24×7 monitoring.

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